time to update financial info

The father of a very close friend of mine died several years ago. One item (task) she mentioned was particularly frustrating. At his death, her father had a Certificate of Deposit (aka CD) that she was trying to settle to his estate. The challenge was that his wife was the beneficiary on the CD, and his wife had died ten years prior. It was a difficult process and took years to resolve. Taking the time to remind yourself, your family and those close to you to check to make sure they have updated beneficiaries will help a survivor tremendously in their already arduous responsibilities. A good time to do that is once a year, typically, I think of these things around the first of the year. Peace…

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2 Responses to time to update financial info

  1. Kat says:

    Actually, you can download the PDF versions of the letters I provide under “Downloads” and those give you much of the info that you need. Unfortunately, I do not have a spreadsheet any longer, but the letters on my site will definitely help you. Thank you for your comment and sorry for your loss.

  2. Elayne says:

    Do you have a download of what your excel spreadsheet looks like? Maybe a sample that I could get? My husband just passed away 2 months ago….and I am just running on “auto pilot” and am kind of lost. Can you help?

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