there’s always something…else to do

This past Sunday, I had the privilege to speak about the book at the First Congregational Church of Minnesota in Minneapolis. They requested that I talk a little about the book during their “End of Life” discussion following services. It was interesting to hear the comments and see the faces of those who have been through what I have, you really can see it. I think it may be similar to what it is like to be a parent; unless you are one, you really cannot comprehend its impact. One of the comments that I continue to hear from survivors, to quote Gilda Radner’s book “It’s always something”. There is always something that will be necessary to handle that you will never expect. And there are things that seem to take forever to complete. It seems like one cannot really move forward unless all is settled, and sometimes it takes years to settle something related to a death. There’s always something…else to do…patience is key. Peace…

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