the gift of relief after a death…worth repeating (excerpt from 2010 post)

There may be a situation where you may want to express your condolences, but an $80 bouquet of flowers is not in your budget, or it seems impersonal or simply inappropriate to you. If you have a friend, colleague, employee, employer, relative or neighbor that you want to help and express your condolences, this book would be an exceptional way to do so. I continue to hear “I gave your book to my friend, she was so thankful; and now, my neighbor’s mom just died, so I ordered another” something to think about the next time you find out someone in your life is struggling with a loss. There will be a plethora of flowers and plants for the survivor after the funeral, usually too many to keep; the book would give them actual, tangible help that they need during an extremely difficult and numbing time in their life. Peace…

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