Tender Loving Eldercare Book Review

Excerpt from Tender Loving Eldercare website:

TLeC was created to help you progress on your caregiving journey with less worries and allow you to spend more quality time with your loved ones!

44 million Americans (21% of the U.S. population) are currently providing unpaid care for older friends and family. (AARP Public Policy Institute and ASU Research).

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This book is so much more than a book!  It’s a comprehensive guide and workbook for people who have recently lost a loved one, and don’t know where to start in the maze of notifications and paperwork that need to be done after a death.

Begin Here was created by Kat Reed after she and her father went through the process of managing her mother’s affairs.  She translated their personal experience into this wonderful resource guide.  And it’s obvious much thought and care went into every detail of its production.

The layout is logical and systematic — in a clear format that those who are grieving can easily navigate.  Some of the chapters include:  Decedent (for vital statistics), Residence, Financial, Legal, and Support System.

There are checklists, suggested action steps, and resources within each section for survivors to work through step-by-step after a death.  The chapters are short, which will keep a grieving person from getting overwhelmed.  And as a survivor works through these topics at their own pace, all of the important items to do in this difficult situation are covered.

There are several excellent, detailed telephone scripts which can be found both in the book and online at Reed’s website, HelpingSurvivorsManage.com.  Survivors can use these scripts for notifications of death by phone or mail. Wisely, these scripts are stored loosely in a pocket of the book, so they can be easily removed, copied and reused as many times as necessary. This attention to detail demonstrates again the forethought and planning Reed used in creating this toolkit.

Death and dying is often not discussed by families in our society.  No one prepares us for this part of life!  Begin Here truly is a lifeline for those who don’t know where to begin. It makes a thoughtful condolence gift for friends, neighbors or family members.  Eldercare facilities, hospice companies, hospitals, and funeral homes would be wise to provide these for their clients.

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