so far so good…

Today I spoke to Mark Thomas at Watson Funeral Home in Galesburg, Illinois (can someone tell me how to add a hyperlink in my blog?)  It sounds like this idea just may work. One of the ideas I wanted to encourage is that the funeral homes provide this as a “no charge service to families” as Mark said. Yesterday I spoke to a member of clergy, a friend of Beth’s and he was very helpful and supportive as well. As of yet, no questionable feedback, all “great idea” which is encouraging. Also, I went to the art store to pick up supplies to create my prototype to use when I start knocking on doors next week. My first target client base is funeral homes. If anyone knows any funeral directors in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area and would like to refer them to me, please let me know. I look forward to updating again with any progress. To Davis and Amy, thank you for the feedback so far…Peace

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