self help tools have always guided me to and through recovery

As I speak to people about the book, I make it clear that it is not a book about grief or emotion; it is the business side of death that needs attention. I purposely did not put in flowers and little poems because your emotions don’t need any more stimulation that they already have. Although going through the business side of it was comforting to me and made me feel like I was doing something helpful, the emotional side was calling to me every day as well. A really helpful book I found for my coping was a book called “Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self” by Victoria Secunda. I read bits and pieces of it over a two year period, as well as meeting with a therapist to help me navigate the unfamiliar waters of profound loss. Self help tools are everywhere, if you think you are the only one who has gone through something, you are not alone, regardless of how alone you may feel. It also helped talking to friends who have lost their parents, one doesn’t really know how it feels until it happens to them, as with most things in life. Peace…

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