re-order equates lower price to HSM and its customers!

It has always struck me as odd when re-sellers purchase larger quantities of merchandise and get a lower price; they fail to lower prices for their customers and pass along the savings. With the sales of the book, I have had to order more, which is great! This time, I ordered twice the quantity of the first order. Because the cost was lower per book, it is only reasonable that we lower our prices and stick to our commitment of really wanting to help survivors manage…and save them money. Peace…

End user
$20.00 (formerly $24.99)

B2B (wholesale to businesses)
5-99 quantity $10.00 each (formerly $11.99)
100-499 quantity $9.00 each (formerly $10.99)
500+ quantity $8.00 (formerly $9.99)

S&H will decrease to relatively match, which provides s/h for $3.99 by default. S&H will change to $4.00. MN taxes may be applicable to MN resident end user purchases.

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  1. Brian Hong says:

    Absolutely genius! That’s how the wholesale print market works, why not Retail? Great new look to the site! See you tomorrow night!

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