questions and visions of growth

When I think about all the business-related considerations of starting a new business whether the entrepreneur is me, or someone I am helping, it seems to work best to go back to the basics. Research the competition; check out who is already doing what you want to do; think about the target market, name that market, research that market; establish goals; write a business plan to ensure thorough thinking; step outside of yourself and your industry and ask the questions you want answered “is this tactically feasible?” “what is the growth goal?” “is there capacity for growth?” “what does that look like?”

These things come to mind when I contemplate the next step in this process. Tomorrow I will see the prototype gallies which is the final version of the book before it will be approved (or cleaned up) for print (think Final Draft). Perhaps it is overconfidence, but already I have started research on the organically evolving project which is providing the book with changes that apply to a death in a hospice and/or hospital. This initial product is specifically for funeral home directors. While meeting with the director to arrange the funeral after a death, typically the home provides the surviving support system information on the funeral and other helpful pamphlets, my vision is that this will be included with that “care package”.

Fortunately, throughout this project, my mantra has been “no great work is done alone” and due to the team at hand, I have no doubt growth is not only possible, but achievable and inevitable. Peace and thank you.

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