More books ordered! (order now before the price increase)

Due to continued interest, ongoing sales and a few large orders anticipated, I have decided to replenish inventory of the book/toolkit. I have five speaking gigs tentatively scheduled in 2011 and more media opportunities that are either on the publication calendar or look promising. I continue to be humbled by the positive feedback I get about this book/toolkit and feel an obligation to the survivors who have no help…help is here.

Remember, with large orders (500+), we can replace the current cover with your company artwork/information (for a fee, of course). The information in the book/toolkit will not change much from year to year. Some of the source websites will change, but that is expected. Also remember you can add your marketing information to the book. Along with the business card slot for your business card in the front inside pocket, the book comes in a cellophane 9×13 which can hold a typical marketing folder, customizing the takeaway for clients.

If your business or house of worship is interested in having me as a speaker (and you are in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area) the presentation is informal and lasts approximately 15-20 minutes with a lively discussion that always follows. One of the speaking gigs I did for a church was an “End of Life” discussion that had a great turnout. Another idea is to have a tandem meeting with a funeral director, an estate planning attorney (among many other options) and me. The book/toolkit coincides with a plethora of different businesses. If you need help with brainstorming ideas that fit your niche, feel free to contact me. It is likely I have either done a substantial amount of research or know from experience the aspects of your industry.

Please note that as of January 1, the unit price will increase to $24.00 retail (up from $20.00) and $12.00 wholesale (up from $10.00). Get what you need before the price increase!


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