Letters from our readers – from the Pioneer Press article

A letter, entitled “For the grieving” appeared in the Pioneer Press after the story that Mary Divine wrote was printed. I was touched by it and wanted to share it parts of it with you. The author Kathryn Abram of Lakeville, describes her husband’s death 2 1/2 years ago. While she thought she was prepared for the changes to her daily life and the paperwork she would face, she discovered she was not. Like many survivors, she found overwhelming grief made even the smallest decisions nearly impossible.

Kathryn says ends her letter by saying, “How nice it would have been to have such a book. How nice it would have been if the funeral home, in understanding of this difficult time, had such a book to offer me as part of its package. How nice it would be, now that such a book is available, if funeral homes would recognize what an invaluable service they’d be doing to provide this book.”

Thank you, Kathryn, and I am sorry for your loss…

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