interviewing, anyone interested?

It appears as though with all the feedback I am getting, along with all the support and encouragement from people who are not “friends being nice” that moving forward – and quickly – is the direction I need to go. I am going to complete my content for prototype and will start to print within two weeks. Brian Hong, (info below) from Legacy Solutions Network (and Beth’s business partner) has indicated a great amount of interest and enthusiasm. This week and next week I plan to interview anyone who wants to talk to me about their experience or knowledge. As my friend Kay said in her email to me this morning, “there is always something” and hence, another portion of the book. We plan to go through several beta versions until we get the most comprehensive and user friendly book and then I plan to go to the National Funeral Directors Association conference in 2010 after I have some clients and all the kinks worked out. If you know anyone who would be willing to talk to me about logistics a survivor had to manage after a death, please give them my info and I will contact them. My interview questions are not emotional, they are task related. Peace.  Thank you for your comments, they mean a great deal to me 🙂

Brian Hong, President, Legacy Solutions Network

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