HSM’s Four Year Anniversary Sale – Buy One Get One Free – One Week Only!

Celebrating four immensely fulfilling years of helping survivors!

To get the Buy One Get One Free special, simply purchase one book (hard copy or PDF) from our website and two will automatically be sent from Tuesday, October 15 through Tuesday, October 22. If you would like one to be a gift, no problem, just email us with the recipient’s name and address. Unfortunately, the current online payment vendor (PayPal) does not provide the gift option, sorry, we can do it the old fashioned way – through email.

A Lesson for Me on Anniversaries

As we mature, I find that many of our social habits fade away and new ones form and emerge. I used to be diligent about sending notes of sympathy on ‘death anniversaries’ to survivors and most people would be very grateful and thankful that I remembered. I would respond that technically, I did not remember, and it was on my calendar, but does that matter? If we did not see a calendar on a daily basis, none of us would remember every important date. Does that make us less thoughtful? The grateful recipients tell me they appreciate it regardless of my memory method.

Recently I have not been so diligent. My better half remarked a long time ago that he would not want such a note of sympathy, which made me feel insensitive and more introspective about such communication. It made me think about the gift we think someone wants, but in reality, the gift is more about what we want to give than what the beneficiary would really like.

As the old adage goes, the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.

Happy Anniversary to Helping Survivors Manage for surviving four years of helping survivors, our primary goal. Peace.

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