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Yesterday I met with a funeral director here in Saint Paul. His input was great, he had several suggestions and as I got into my car to leave, I thought “I am on the right track!” It was exciting to hear from someone objective that this is a good idea and that there is a need. This may sound odd, but the thought of meeting and getting to know more funeral directors has always been a “fun” aspect about which I have been very excited. The research I have done has indicated such an interesting (and very large) industry which many of us are unaware. It occurs to me that funeral directors (typically male, although not absolutely) are caretakers. What a great feeling it must be to be able to “take care” of things for someone in grief. That must be rewarding. The clients are the families and friends, not the decedent. The survivors benefit from the directors’ history of exactly what the blog is entitled, helping survivors manage. Many funeral homes are family entities that have been around for generations, which can also be a comforting thought. Signing off, improvements to be made on the Beta 1 version, thanks to my productive meeting yesterday. Peace.

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  1. deathandlife says:

    Thank you for your comment, JoMarie! Great info!

  2. JoMarie says:

    Statistics show that women, who hold a biological monopoly on bringing people into the world, are increasingly the ones who see off the dead.

    Men still account for about three-quarters of the 45,000 U.S. funeral directors, but women surpassed men earlier this decade in proportion in mortuary science programs. Female numbers peaked in 2007, at nearly 60 percent of roughly 2,500 enrollees, according to the American Board of Funeral Service Education. =)

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