Deaf and Hard of Hearing survivor considerations…

When my mom died, my dad had more than the typical challenges of a survivor, my dad was predominantly deaf and my mom was “his ears”. Because he had profound hearing loss his hearing aids helped, but not to the extent that he felt completely comfortable being independent. Here were a few things we had to consider for dad to accommodate his challenges:

-Making sure the fire alarms are adequate, do we need lighted alarms?

-Is a security system necessary since he would not “hear” an intruder like most of us?

-What was the best option for the doorbell?

-What type of alarm clock would work best for him?

-How and where to get a TTY phone and figuring out which type was best for him (and acceptable to the provider; products and services vary by state)

And for each of these considerations, there are collectively thousands of choices.

These are the most important things that seemed urgent and imperative for dad’s safety, but there are many more to consider…do you have more suggestion and/or ideas? Please post a comment to share your wisdom. Peace…

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