California Bookstore Day, May 3, 2014 – What about the rest of the world?

Please visit your local independent bookstore on May 3 and suggest they join the California celebration! If you are in Northern California (Corte Madera or San Francisco), stop in at Book Passage to pick up a copy of Begin Here: helping survivors manage.

Independent stores have been a part of all of our lives at one time or another. The store that first comes to my mind is the record store called Co-Op (if the term ‘record’ confuses you, find someone over the age of 40 to explain). When we were young, we felt so grown up to go there because it wasn’t in the mall, and they also sold smoking paraphernalia. It was an institution and I loved it.

The independent store journey has gone from a popular, neighborhood necessity to a murder victim of the collective big box store takeover. Now we are back to a new surge in the desire for the elusive mom and pop options that we all unwittingly helped obliterate. A few survived and they remain a model for the new generation of independent entities.

As a self published author, it is much easier for me to approach (and be approached by) independent bookstores to carry my book. I have my book in several independent bookstores throughout the country and it warms my heart to be able to help any independent bookstore make a buck.

Visit your local independent bookstore, record store, food store, and you will likely be happily surprised at the people who work there. From my experience as a consumer, I see them not as much working there for a paycheck as much as working in a deliberate, purpose-driven and noble vocation. They really seem to care about what they are doing whereas the big box stores try to pretend they care with their scripted upselling training.

Thank you, independent entrepreneurs, especially independent bookstores!

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