beta one version

In the past several weeks I have been sending my book to detail-oriented friends and former colleagues for comments on the book. We are taking time to find out how the book looks, feels, presents itself, and what is missing. Fortunately, the input has been great and there has been little to address. Now that I have all of this initial information, I have met with the designer and he will be providing me a quote for making the book look like a book and not a cheesy little word doc created by little ol’ me! Very exciting stuff. I already have a few orders from end users, so who knows if this will end up being something that businesses want, or end users are ready to embrace without the middle-biz? I welcome either. With the baby boomer pro-active attitude, I may be surprised by the end user market reaction. Now I need to set up googlepay or paypal on my website and improve the site altogether. Technology will not wait for me! Peace…

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