Are you a hoarder? me too…

Recently, I have been watching the TV shows Hoarders and Hoarding Buried Alive. To be frank, it is something I have struggled with throughout my life. My gramma was a hoarder and like those around her age (born in 1916), her hoarding was most likely due to the Depression. My mom inherited the behavior and I did too. My dad liked to collect, and I did (do) too.

Just the other day, I noticed my hoarding problem with a new insight. I was going through my bathroom, cleaning the cabinets (watching the shows really motivates me to purge) and I found this tiny little clear glass tube with pretty blue oil in it that was just so cute, I had a difficult time throwing it away. Like most hoarders, I looked at it hard and thought, “it’s so cute, I don’t have anything like it” and “I may use that someday” and “maybe I could give it as a gift” and “maybe someone else could use it” (adding to the chain of hoarding, probably). After several minutes, I was finally able to throw it away without digging in the trash to retrieve it. It wasn’t completely easy, after all , here I am – a few days later –  writing about it. I cannot imagine having the real hoarding issues those on the show have. I feel for them.

Something to ponder – what will you leave behind for your surviving family and friends?  Peace…

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