Another Great Tool for Closing Online Accounts After a Death

My wonderful friend Mary sent this link to me and what a great site it is! Everplans (currently in beta) is a great tool for funeral and death planning with a few tools for after a death including an extensive list of online vendors with links on how to close the accounts online.

From the website: “Everplans is genuinely a service that is valuable to EVERYONE. We don’t know when or how, but we do know that we can do a few things to prepare. We do know we can do a few things now that will save our families a huge amount of stress later on. We started Everplans because we thought there was a need. After the past years of building Everplans, talking daily to people who have experienced loss, and experiencing loss ourselves, we now know there is a need. Having an Everplan changes everything.” Keep up the great work, Abby and Adam!

People ask me all the time about death planning, and many of our customers use Begin Here to plan. Everplan is at the top of my list among the many planning tools available. They have free tools and there is an option to pay $35.00 per year for some additional services.

And of course, if planning didn’t occur, Helping Survivors Manage and Begin Here will help after the fact.

Disclaimer: Helping Survivors Manage is in no way affiliated with Everplans.


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  1. Nirvana says:

    It’s a heartbreaking ordeal when a loved one passes, and it’s even more difficult if you’ve been delegated responsibilities for the funeral. It’s good to have articles like this to refer to to make the process a little easier. Thanks for sharing.

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