a lifeline for your survivors…

Would your survivors know your social security number? Do they have your banking information? Do they know if and where you may have a safe deposit box? Do they know you have a post office box rental and a quarterly pest control contract or that you give a promised monthly tithe to your church? Your survivors will need this information upon your death. We all think we will never die, and we all do. If you find it difficult to talk about death, but want to make sure your survivors will not struggle with the loose ends of your life, Begin Here can also be used as a planning tool for you that will help your partner, kids or whatever survivors you may have.

Help your survivors so that they can grieve properly without having to worry about the details that you can easily provide for them before you go. As someone who has been through it, it could be the best gift you could give them, even if they cannot thank you in person.

Our dad was great and wrote down all of his typical passwords so that we could access his banking info and the bills he paid online. Most of us are not so organized or thoughtful. Begin Here can be that gift to your survivors and you never have to talk about it if you are unable. Simply fill out what you can, or don’t fill it out at all, and leave the toolkit somewhere that your survivors will find it upon your death. How many of us know someone who died an untimely death? We all do. Your survivors will think of it as a lifeline and appreciate it more than you could ever imagine. Peace…

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