5 Reasons Begin Here Drops in Price – You Can Thank Guy Kawasaki!

Many people approach me to question how I managed the self-publishing aspect of my book, Begin Here. It usually comes out of the blue in email or after a speaking gig and it always surprises me, “I want to self-publish, how did you do it?” as if there were a one-word answer. I feel like I look like a deer caught in headlights and completely inadequate responding to the question sensibly; even after having self-published 2,500 books in three printings.

Frankly, I have steered away from the topic not only because I feel unlike anyone even coming close to being an expert worthy of dispensing advice, but I have wanted the focus to be the book, not the process. In retrospect, this seems to me that it was a natural phase of my journey.

Those who know me know that one of my favorite business gurus is Guy Kawasaki, author of twelve books (at this writing, however they pop up frequently). His list of accomplishments is too long for me to show here. I have been a fan since the 2004 book The Art of the Start and he made me think differently (more modernized) about business and entrepreneurship compared to the previous gurus of the Greatest Generation (whom I still love).

Most recently, Guy published APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book by Guy and Shawn Welch that I downloaded as soon as it was available. I am not finished yet, but I have already learned enough to last me a few weeks of follow up and execution, but this section prompted me to make a change now!

Guy explains how and why (in my favorite form of language, brevity) the price of the hard copy book, Begin Here, should be lower. Sure, I am making it sound like he is talking to me directly about my book – but that is just another reason I love him. Instead of reiterating (which is one of my least favorite forms of language), here is the explanation directly quoted from his book:

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book  – Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

Pricing Variables

Goals. What are your goals for your book? Here are the most common:

● Maximize short-term (six months to a year) revenue.

Implication: charge more.

● Maximize long-term (a year or more) revenue.

Implication: charge less.

● Establish yourself as a sector expert.

Implication: charge less.

● Build a base of readers for future works.

Implication: charge less.

● Spread your ideas.

Implication: charge less.


As a self-published author and entrepreneur dedicated to helping survivors after a death, my goals are long term, I want to be the expert for helping survivors manage now and into the future and I want to spread the help as far as it will reach! So, we lowered the price of the hard copy book from $24.00 to $20.00.

Thank you, Guy Kawasaki, for helping all of us do our best to achieve, succeed and flourish.

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  1. Guy kawasaki says:

    I’m glad to help! Thanks for the evangelism!

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