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Helping Survivors Manage is committed to delivering practical everyday assistance to the people left behind after a death.

Following the funeral, after everyone has left and you return to the empty residence of the departed, where do you begin? Begin Here…

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Kat Reed has written the definitive book on what to do when a loved one dies based on her own experiences after her mom’s death. She soon discovered the lack of resources available to help her and her predominantly deaf dad with these tasks; in turn, she created the user- friendly toolkit Begin Here – answering “Where do I begin?” Begin Here guides survivors through the seemingly overwhelming practical and necessary tasks that remain after a death; from residential to financial to personal. Leveraging Reed’s unique insights, invaluable suggestions, and organizational skills will help anyone simplify this process.

When someone dies, there are countless organizations around the world that offer grief support, but none provides the product we offer.  Helping Survivors Manage was created on the foundation of most new ventures: a void in the market. We hope to fill that need with our experienced team of subject matter experts (those who have been through it, as well as funeral directors, professional organizers,
hospice, health and death care professionals) to help others through this difficult time.

Kat Reed has over 25 years experience in the financial/business world. Her background in bookkeeping and office management gives her the unique ability to address both the details and the big picture. She has been a hospice volunteer and has an affinity for the elderly. She became interested in the issues survivors face when both her parents died in a thirteen month span. The book arose from Kat’s own work helping her predominantly deaf father manage her mother’s affairs when her mom died. Kat and her dad wondered how people manage all these tasks when they don’t have a family or support system.

Mission Statement:
Mindful of the long term death care issues faced by millions every year, we are committed to providing practical assistance to every person in need of help after a death. Through up-to-date self-help tools and innovative solutions, we strive to become and remain the world leader in helping survivors manage after a death.

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  1. Lisa Chaffin says:

    Hi Kat,
    I find myself needing your information as my dad just passed away last weekend. I’m so grateful to you for putting this all together. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Mary Albitz says:

    Kat, I met you at a WONN networking meeting and bought 3 of your books. I have already dispersed them for use. I feel like I need about 10 more of them as I gave them to people I wasn’t expecting to give them to. Everyone has really appreciated them so far.

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  4. PaulK says:


    These guys are 2 blocks from us in SF. They are independent and might want to carry it.


    I can stop in and see if you like.


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  6. Kat says:

    We are trying to find a reseller in the Bay Area, I will keep the site updated as soon as I get an order. Sorry…and thank you!

  7. Lizette says:

    Which booksellers have this book in the Bay Area? Or in San Francisco?

  8. wendy hockbein says:

    I just sent a request for this book, I lost my husband 12.18.09. He did not want to discuss death and had his own very unique way to file things.
    I am lost as how to proceed, your article in the paper could not have come at a better time.

  9. Kat says:

    Thank you! Yes, I would be interested in that, I will give you a call today to discuss options. Thank you again!

  10. I loved the Pioneer Press article. I work in assisted living and this would be a great book to give to families. Do you ever come out to talk to groups?

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